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January 9, Retrieved November 30, December 31, Retrieved January 8, The Guardian. October 13, Retrieved October 13, Frank C.

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October 2, Adult Video News. Retrieved May 11, Vivid Entertainment. Meet the man behind the brand".

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Vivid Entertainment LLC. Retrieved April 15, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved December 15, Huffstutter January 6, Los Angeles Times. Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved December 19, Retrieved Vivid 11, Retrieved March 4, December 11, October 24, January 11, Getting desirable content is key as the adult business — which films or produces nearly video percent of its product in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles adult has suffered because of free Web content, sluggish DVD sales and the recession just like Hollywood.

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Fishbein said coming up with estimates is nearly impossible. After all, industry players typically are privately held and famously vivid, some parts of the business are illegal and therefore hidden, and there is no tracking service a la Nielsen in mainstream media. The fast decline in porn DVD sales, which Fishbein compares to the Napsterization of the music industry, has made revenue estimates an extra-fast-moving target.

Miller estimated that adult DVD sales might have fallen as video as 25 percent vivid Request ignored. One key reason why celebrity releases might save the industry is that celebs — whether A-list or B — can broaden the potential appeal of what typically is a very niche business. And Hirsch said more women and casual fans tend to buy adult tapes, adult generally helps them outsell other fare. Industry observers said no one in the adult space likes video about what they spend making celebrity content, but they tend to be more expensive than regular productions.

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One source said videos featuring particularly popular stars can be worth in the hundreds of thousands or even low millions in the cases of major names. She declined. But sales of celebrity releases also can be in the tens of thousands — multiples of more standard fare.

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For reality TV stars, younger celebs and aspiring actors, Hirsch has opened new doors. Hirsch not only likes to buy films featuring celebrities but also gives star treatment to full-time adult performers by signing women to one-year deals with multiyear extension options to make them so-called Vivid Girls.