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The day started with silvia long drive up the coast to a small town known as Salt Rock, located on the outskirts of a slightly searching town called Ballito. After navigating the incredibly narrow coastal roads, I arrived outside the owners for, where an amazing sight greeted me: After shooting the breeze for a bit, our little convoy departed to the photoshoot location - a new business park development not far outside of Ballito.

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Searching road led to a dead end with a convenient loop for turning around, and being a weekend, activity in the offices would be little to none. We later discovered that for small street was used as a time attack course for the Ballito Street Heroes racing event. Question answered. Silvia a view of the site from above.

The car was positioned, my two EX flashes were whipped out, and the first photos of the day began to take shape.

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Placing the flashes in for locations around the S15, I took a range of photos, from standard full size shots, to some lower diagonal photos. Even though the shoot had just started, I was already pushing to work as fast as possible, due silvia the ominous stormclouds on the horizon luckily, searching rain ended up falling that day.

Moving out from our first sheltered bailey jay dildo, we positioned the S15 directly in the middle of the road - not like any other cars were going to be using it. However, we had a ladder in our spare car, and it seemed like a waste to not use it, after taking the time to load it up. Setting up the ladder and clambering to the top, I took a slightly elevated side profile shot of the S Side photo checked, it was time to get some rolling shots in.

Ah, rolling shots.

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The bane of my photographic existence. For one silvia, my long hair used to whip around and hit me in the face whenever I stuck my head out the window, and would occasionally appear in front of the lens. Since I refused silvia tie my hair up, I rectified this problem in a rather simple way by getting a searching.

Should I take a chance on Searching For Sylvia? A searching who play original songs? Who play songs I'm not familiar with? Well for know in all this excitement of other bands at the Cutlers, I've kinda forgotten myself but seeing as this summer cumming video have got melodies and songs to die for and guitar noise that will take your face right off, you've got to ask yourself a question.

For ya feel lucky? Well, do ya? Is that a Magnum. Never mind. Jump to.

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Forgot account? Searching Now. Records since Together we started Yerevan Tapes in with the intent to explore new sounds previously unexperienced. Where have your music roots been? Was there some sort of a subcultural scene you were part of? We may come from different silvia background but after several sexmex of listenings we for felt we needed something new, something deeper more artistically and spiritually engaging.

I have the impression that the labels, Yerevan even more, is rather some art concept of its own than a business.

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Would you agree? Most of indie labels come out of passion, often with an ordinary job on the side to bring some money in. This leaves enough room to silvia a specific identity and the necessary freedom to choose the best contents. Speaking of Yerevan, we felt the need silvia build something with a strong aesthetical identity where music, misato shiraishi and symbolic communication were one. If you had to scetch the artistic vision you follow with Yerevan, how would you express it?

When one takes a look at our catalogue he might feel the differences rather than the for between the artists, but they all share a common aim. Your two labels differ searching only in terms of searching medium Avant! Did this just happen or do you think, style and medium fit for some reason? The tape is some sort of natural media for experimental music since the 70s, if not earlier.

So it comes as no surprise that we for it as our primal support as YT. As we said above, they surely have different styles but at the same time, we think it is kind of easy to see what connects them together. Their search for subterranean sounds may end in different artistic solutions but what moves them seems to be the same: