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Masculine names ending in -v become feminine -va Diykov to Diykova, Bobylev to Bobyleva, Korneev to Korneevathose ending in -in become -ina Borodin to Borodinaand those cum dripping creampies 7 in boys become russian Prerovsky to Prerovskaya. For an example of a woman changing her name, if Yelena Denisovna Ivanova were to marry Maksim Sergeievich Karazamov, her name would be changed to Yelena Denisovna Karazamova.

Although the -off spelling is common in other countries, such surnames are always spelt with -ov in Russia Ivanoff is always Ivanov or Ivanova. The cute surname form also distances the speaker, used such as by schoolteachers referring to their students, but also used for ironic formality between peers.

Diminutives are friendlier, but they can still maintain formality.

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Names ending in -ka are very familiar, and some are affectionately used by a boy or man to refer to his girlfriend. Not at all common, but still easily pronounceable, this Russian baby boy name could be the one for your little prince.

This baby boy name has Russian roots, and means "lion. You can call him Max.

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And now for a total mind-bender: You could go with Mich or Micha for short. This Russian baby name is similar to Nicholas, of course, but unique. Can you guess which classic name this one is a form of?

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Pabel is yet another version that could work, too. This moniker sounds friendly and approachable, but actually has a strong French origin meaning "defending warrior. Russia Children with teachers playing on the stage in Russian kindergarten. Russia Two preschool children playing on the stage in infant school. Russia Performing in kindergarten in Russia.

15 Russian Baby Boy Names - Russian Baby Names

Small children playing on the stage in carnival costumes Performing in kindergarten in Russia. Small children dancing on the stage in carnival costumes Performing in kindergarten in Russia.

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Small children playing on the stage in carnival costumes. Embracing Children sitting in Russian kindergarten. Most Beautiful Twin Girls of the World. Top Beautiful Scottish Women.

Russian Boy Names

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