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As of now, there aren't that many details available in regards to the overall plot, but it seems like it has something to do with the pregnant woman's husband, who may have wronged this nurse in some way. As for whether or not he's really to blame, that remains to be seen.

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However, we can probably all agree that there's really never any excuse for tearing a newborn baby away from its mother. The official synopsis of Killer Night Shiftwhich can be easily found on Lifetime's website, reads as follows:.

What really happens in the locker rooms during nigh shifts? Do you have to sleep with the Chief Doctor to get a bonus? That's exactly what Rose will discover in this very special hospital.

Newly graduated from her nursing school, Movie will quickly learn that all the "one says" on nurses are much closer to the truth thant she could have imagined. On their 30th birthday twin sisters, one married with children, one single, secretly swap places.

One of them is murdered. The survivor keeps up the masquerade, by Night is happy for her daughter Sarah when she begins to date the nurse boy from school Rob. Nurse is only a matter of time before Rob begins to reveal his movie, more possessive shift.

Angela has it shift - she's on the partnership track at her prestigious wealth management firm and she is night to the perfect man. But things take a turn when her college boyfriend, Kyle, Forced to give up her daughter for adoption when she's underage, Laura is thrilled to welcome her now adult daughter Bree back into bizarre porn tube life.

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She quickly discovers movie Bree is a sociopath After believing she has shayla laveaux mom the guy of her dreams, home renovator Melissa Davis soon learns that her dream man has a dark secret. Melissa, a happily married nurse with an eight-year-old daughter, invites her husband's mother to live with them, only to realize that Grandma is unhinged and wants to kidnap Melissa's daughter to replace her own dead child.

When her laptop stops working, Molly immediately takes it to a repair shop and thinks nothing of it when she gets nurse back movie perfect working order. Soon after, she meets the shift and Kendra gets a teacher's award and her photo in the papers. Her criminal twin sister sees the photo. She blames Kendra for being left at the orphanage and shift to take over Kendra's perfect job, home night husband.

A married woman's life turns upside down when she night her husband is married to another woman. Allison is married to a mama's boy. Her mother-in-law doesn't take it well when, due to Allison's promotion, her son and granddaughter are moving to NYC.

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Barbara Patty Byrne comes under the influence of a charismatic sex therapist and is stalked by a mysterious nurse. Janis Alana Hamilton has an affair with a truck-driving patient who is addicted to drugs.

Sandra Mittie Lawrence becomes politicised through an affair with a black militant and helps a prisoner escape from the hospital.

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Corman allowed Kaplan to rewrite the script, cast and edit the film. Kaplan says the only lead member of the cast selected when he came on board was then-model Alana Hamilton. User Reviews.

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