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Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. HikariGallant New Deviant. Omg ty, i love fairy tail so i definitely plan too. I dont know when i might get to Erza though. Bad for Lucy, amazing for us.

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Wondering how long shes been up there for? Who put her there? My bet's on Natsu. Or maybe a drunken Cana thought it'd be funny. I must have a debate with you on why the ending arc of Fairy Tail was trash.

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And other thing about fairy tail. Ok I actually read your comment and we have very different opinions what would there be to discuss? You dislike the ending and I like it not much there to discuss. One thing to add: I often have very differing opinions to the rest of the fandom mature Fairy Tail mature example a lot of people hate Wendy and Lucy and lisanna whereas I do not Wendy lucy my favorite character also the whole power of friendship thing never bothered me because that's pretty much how magic works not just in Fairy Tail but other things your feelings and emotions can strengthen not weaken hot lesbian massage kinda like the force.

Well for one thing. The whole reason I got hooked to Fairy Tail into the first place was the cute story they had lucy Natsu and Lisanna. I think that was the most adorable thing ever That entire time I was just thinking as to whhhhhhhy bring her back if she's just gonna be a useless side character with minimal screen time. The ending arc where friendship basically saved the day annoyed me, not because of the concept but because they basically made it where friendship and love solved all there problems.

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Not one but all of them. Grey died, here comes love, gajeel gets teleported to different realm, here comes love.

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lucy Erza broke all her bones because of mother, umm, actually that was just bs, she shouldn't have been able to win that. Makarov uses fairy law using up his life force turning him to stone.

Here comes more love. Still mature Lisanna. Ok well I completely disagree and hope you can respect that I have a differing opinion to yours. Of course.


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