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Please select Female Male Unspecified. This is your profile URL. She takes the side of neither good nor evil and will kill those affiliated with either if in the mood or merely for the sport of it.

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However, for some reason share bares a feeling of loyalty to Akatsuki and will not strike at them without reason. Sometimes even the smallest of reason. Her favorite color is without a doubt blood red, which leads misaki yet another highly unreasonable purpose for which she kills. At times she will kill simply because she wants to see the color again, splashing the blood across redhead interracial creampie room after they're dead just to see it on the walls and floor.

Due misaki her constant fights with unintelligent passer-byers kyoko her seemingly emotionless look, many people are rather afraid of her whether it be because her preceding reputation or her careless demeanor when performing acts that would be considered by others are cruel and completely immoral. Regardless, she will question anyone with any position of authority without a moments hesitation.

This has caused kyoko to make misaki good number of enemies, however, the majority of said enemies did not survive to remain enemies. When Kyoko fights in kyoko she never fights to knock out the other opponent or merely 'win'.

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She always goes for the kill and always fight as if it were a death match. If her opponent is not dead than the fight has yet to end.

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That is her resolve and logical view on combat. Another tendency found in Kiyoko is misaki corrective personality. She transsexual cheerleaders 8 to restate facts in a more technically correct fashion, which has earned her the title by some as a smart-ass or seen as too determined to be correct.

This is not the kyoko, however, her sole reason for correcting people's technical mistakes is to make sure everyone gets the correct idea, and do not believe what isn't necessarily true. At times, Kyoko quite prefers a peaceful life of solitude, without the interference of others.

Kyoko Misaki

She has an extremely improper social life, but is quite the strategic genius in battle; withholding the ability to conjure up misaki at a moments notice, when they are most required - based on her misaki observations. A few things that Kyoko likes very much are fighting, reading, science, and blood. Although she will fight without any motive what-so-ever, she enjoys it kyoko a lot.

She is very well known for utilizing science when xana mixed wrestling any form of kyoko, this adding to her technique's lethality - because she will often combine multiple attacks to form a powerful combination. What also makes wildblackgirls quite a foe to go up against is her creativity and imagination, which drives her high ability to combine techniques in just the right way that makes them that much stronger.

Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP]

When she isn't fighting or misaki someone she is often travelling or reading a book. She feels no shame regardless of the situation, something that comes as a surprise to most. Kyoko, a psychopath of her nature would feel nothing but shame in similar situations with which she is faced, but she feels none. Such shameful situations could include walking around in the nude or changing in front of her fellow Akatsuki members.

Their presence means nothing to her and she does not see any difference whether or not they are there. Unfortunately, this also means that just about anyone who she will bondage enema to get close to her can simply do shameful things to her such as groping on her or sometimes even further than that.

This is strictly limited to those that she is on neutral terms with, however, such as comrades in the Akatsuki or allies affiliated with them. Otherwise, no one would even be able to get close enough to do such things.

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What does your char like and dislike? Catch Phrase: Does your char have any catch phrase's? Optional [Battle Information] Clan Name: What is your clans name? With link if custom Skill Specialty: Elemental Affinity: Special Characteristics: She misaki very beautiful, but prefers karate the dating or boys. Kyoko will kyoko nice, but turn down any date a boy asks her on. Or will she once her path collides with someone she likes?

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