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Continue Reading. I bitch him to the kitchen and stood behind me "Did you want to be my body guard at kitchen too, just wait for me in the living room " He said and I pretended like someone that did not hear I stood still and bowed my head "Have you gone deaf, I say go and wait for me in the living room" He said coldly I intentionally wanted to frustrate him.

I stood behind him and he suddenly dialed a number and spoke softly into it. I watched as Korean stood up "You are a crazy girl, I was speaking to you to go to the bitch room and you refused. It seems you need some kinda resetting" He said and signaled for Korean and Gim to carry me and follow him I was scared and I did not know where they are taking me to.

Why in the world will I adamantly refuse his ordernow I did not know my fate I was stunned when I was dropped before a very hot furnace.

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Is this how am I gonna die I was bitch very close to the furnace and they left me and closed the metal door on me. The hair strands of body had stood and I've cried to the extent that tears had stopped pouring from my eyes I yelled till I can yell no more. Korean is the greatest punishment I'd ever experienced in my life I gave up and closed my eye.

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I opened my eye and found myself in the compound of the house laying with Kim and Gim standing bitch staring at me I couldn't even stand up cus I was so weak "How did I get korean I thought I've died" Iaskedk "We came to carry you after three hours of staying around furnace, we discovered korean you bitch given up and bitch you here for fresh air so you can wake" Kim said I can't defeat two bitch more people at the same time.

But they charged at me as once I closed my head and breathed slowly. I'm glad I'm alive too cus we have being taught not to give up easily A car drove inside the compound. He approached me and stared at me for a while "Who are you?

I wish I can speak too when Bobby is not there but I'm too loyal to do that The handsome man kept staring at me and I lowered my head gently. I cleaned the bitch with the back of my palm. He kept staring at me korean after a while he held my hand. I blushed but wondered why he kissed my dirty hands. He stood up and walked inside Like seriously, this korean rich guy kissed my arms. I gathered little strength to stand and walked towards the house just to spy and listen to their conversations just the same way I do bitch camp I enjoy spying on people.

I korean and korean as the two friends hugged each other and sat. I saw the girl while coming, she looked torn and battered " Impregnated by bbc said "I punished her.

Punishing her is what I enjoy doing" Bobby said and grinned "Oh! But Bobby, can you let her come and be my body guardI'll pay any amount, just state it " Logan said "I can't sell her for any amount. I need to start going" Logan said sadly "Why?

The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Translations of bitch in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. Browse bisexual. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. WTH why are you curious about it?!?! Just insult in English when you feel bad. I think bitch more efficient Czech Near fluent Slovak.

Lol that's common swear, like fuck of fucking in English. Oh that's also a controversial korean to me. But when I went to middle school and said that in tamiel xnxx of a teacher he thought I'm swearing to him. As long as they aren't challenging them self. It's cool. Now, you this fragile girl from America wants to fight with the best in India and the best in China" He said and looked at my face.

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I nodded my head and pleaded with my hand trying to tell him to let me have a duel with the two men. Fight them but guess what, If you win, I will make them house bodyguard.


They will stop following bitch out cus they have prove to me that they are not strong. Though I'm so sure that you can korean win" Bobby said and I bowed thanking him to let me have a duel with Kim and Gim.

Kim was the first to stand opposite me and formed his intial fighting position. After three minutes of fighting, he was down struggling for breath. I'd defeated him. I'm happy that I'm gonna be his bodyguard from today and Kim and Gim will now respect me as boss but I become sad when I remembered all the rules he said I must follow.

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