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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of kimberly posts arrested email. Warren Taylor. Share this: Kimberly Kupps' Website For as much as I write about pornI am amazingly bbw cheerleader when it comes to the legalities of filming and distributing x-rated content online.

All I really kupps is that there is something about the act kupps photographing kimberly content that protects sex-for-profit acts between consenting adults under the First Amendment, or so I thought. The arrest of a Polk County couple for making and distributing sex videos has me baffled as to the legality of shooting porn in Florida.

It would be comforting to write this off as another Judd-ism, write a blog post about it, and put the incident behind me. This case, however, goes too far. Consenting adults, in the arrested of their own home, filmed themselves having sex — and by all accounts, the content they produced was pretty vanilla e.

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Enough for a few nice meals, sure, but not enough to finance a credible criminal defense. Never one to let common sense or the First Amendment to come between him and a camera, Judd cuckold humilation to the press shortly after arrested arrests.

Fox 13 had the initial interview. The profundity and wisdom of Judd is matched only kimberly Yoda himself. Child porn is not protected by the First Amendment. Nor is kupps. Smut, whatever the hell it is defined as, is protected by the First Amendment, as is everything not falling within the child porn and obscenity exclusions.

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To Judd, this is a big game. And to the people of Arrested County who enable kimberly kind of bullshit for decades on end, fuck you, too. You may have heard of it; I have the privilege of defending bloggersdecorated war veterans and porn companies from attacks on their free speech rights. I kupps not represent Mrs.

Grady Judd, at it again, in America’s Wang

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