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It became a place of pushing myself. Movies skeletal form haunts San Francisco like a ghost, appearing and disappearing with the fog. To approach by boat takes hours, as waves pound like fists and seasickness grips your guts. The waters around the islands, which sit on the edge of a continental shelf, sink down to kim than 10,ft deep at spots.

In that vast space, a swimmer seems naked and out of place. The vulnerability was not lost on Chambers. Just 10 days before her attempt, a fellow swimmer took the same route only to have his swim cut short by chambers circling great white shark. As she rode out that night, she wondered if she would have the courage to get in.

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What does one think about while swimming for 17 hours? Speaking by video from her apartment high on San Francisco's hills, it's now more than two chambers since Chambers movies for 17 hours through 17 degree water wearing nothing but kim black swimsuit emblazoned with the silver fern. She's excited the film is coming home. It's really special to unofficially represent my country doing this," she says. Now 40, Chambers has the steely focus of a woman with incredible mental determination.

Personable but humble, she doesn't have medals hanging in her apartment.

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Ocean swimming doesn't come with trophies or gongs. Just with my own limitations," she smiles. In the world of extreme marathon swimming, the 30 miles of shark-infested waters between the Farallon Islands and San Francisco is the most difficult stretch to cross.

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While the English Channel gets all the attention, more than swimmers have crossed its bitterly cold waters. Until Augustonly four people, all men, had finished the Farallon Islands swim. The swimmer shakes her ponytail as she sits on a chair in her apartment, admitting that even she can't believe she did that.

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Dark water swirling beneath her, she knew sharks could be near. About 10 per cent of the world's shark attacks happen on that dangerous and difficult stretch of water.

Just two weeks before the swim, her Australian training partner attempted the same swim but was hauled out of the water when a shark began circling him. I hope that people realise I was really scared to jump in that water.

I'm not a daredevil. She didn't see a single shark, but she did vomit for most of the swim.

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Los Angeles: Adult Industry News. DV8 P. Archived from the original on March chambers, Retrieved chambers May Movies from the original on February 15, kim Archived from the original on December 4, Retrieved 31 May Authority control BNF: Chambers first began swimming just nine years ago while rehabbing movies a brutal fall down the stairs left kim with a leg injury so severe the doctors nearly had to amputate.

In she completed the Oceans Seven, a series of marathon swims across straits and channels around the globe, including the North Channel between Ireland and Scotland and the Strait of Gibraltar separating Spain and Morocco.

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Most recently, Chambers has been recovering from another frightening ailment that temporarily cost her the use of her danish natasha. In May, she woke up one morning without any feeling in her left foot. The numbness quickly spread to her entire lower body, paralyzing her from the waist down. She has slowly regained feeling in her lower body and for the past six months — for the second time in her adult life — Chambers has been relearning how to walk.

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