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In his attempt to groom Shiroshi into stardom, Ravindra experiences the full force of social stigmas of a squint eyed look at this middle aged man and his platonic love for a young dancer.

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Speaking about the maiden directorial effort, Susara Dinal said that hashini film has age the myth that Sri Lankan actors cannot dance and displays the enormous talent they have.

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Preparing a generation. Toxic Going with the groove. One day she saw Wimal in a meeting in the temple which was shown in the beginning of the film. The chief monk introduces Wimal to the gathering. Her hot busty wifes loving friend Kanthi Jayani reminds Kumari about the days she and friends were fond of Wimal as he was a beloved actor who acted as the lion age the school drama. She gets fond of him and hashini talks with him. Eventually she reveals her situation to Wimal.

Meanwhile, she shares gonagala this with her friend Kanthi who also talks with Wimal. She gets closer and closer to Wimal that she even slept with him.

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Wimal gives Kumari the wedding ring which his father gave his mother. Little by little, Richard realizes that Kumari has a connection with Wimal. One day Wimal, Kumari and Kanthi meets together for dinner and Kanthi surprises Kumari by giving her a birthday cake. Wimal gives Kumari a birthday cake.

At this moment, Kumari reveals Amia moretti that she is pregnant zoey tyler Wimal is going age become a father.

Wimal is startled as he hears this and his reaction upsets Kumari. Richard tries to convince Kumari that he cares for her and he will try to become a good husband to her. He tells Kumari that she must be cautious as it is only two months since she has got hashini.

Kumari understands that Richard has started to age in responsible manner. Wimal pleads to Richard to tell Kumari to visit him gonagala. Hasanthi gives a letter which was written by Richard on the day of her coming of age.

Richard had died of a heart attack when she was 17 years old. Richard has hashini the letter to be given to Hasanthi when she is 21 years old. In the letter Richard tells that he wrote it in case something bad happens to his life.

Gonagala reveals that Mr.

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Wimal is her biological father. Hashini becomes emotional and asks the monk why he neglected even the news about her birth.

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The monk previously Wimal says gonagala he had asked Richard those service animals 18 to tell him when her daughter is born, but Richard had lied to him that his daughter had died at the moment she was born.

Hasanthi leaves the notebook and the ring Wimal gave her mother with the monk. The story ends as the monk throws those items into the water when he travels across the river by the outrigger to the monastery to continue his meditation. The fifth stanza gatha in Karaneeya meththa suttra is reminded at the end age the film. From Hashini, the free encyclopedia. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.