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Think of it as more playful than hurtful. Note how often Arsch and its variations will come up in German swearing. Adding Du You makes this more pointed. If removed, this phrase works well in general frustrating situations as well.

Another common German swear word with the same effect is Zicke. To keep it simple, no one likes being called a pig or a swine. And in German, there are a few phrases that use pigs and swines. We warned you. Not only are these direct and specific, they pack a bit more of a punch. Some of these curse words translate to common English words.

However, some begin to reveal the depths of German swear words. Many speakers also add Arschloch or other similar words to heighten the swear. However, when augmented to English, it is a pretty german swear. This one is known for being quite a German swear word. Though, the bitch is one of the more debated.

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Translation of bitch in German

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To my knowledge there isn't really a close equivalent to the word in German. I heard many people say that word to each other in good fun in the US. That doesn't happen in Germany. German hope bitch was clear, I apologize if my answer is a little unstructured, my phone is acting up and I am just trying to bring my thoughts to paper before it crashes. Translating swearwords one-to-one is seldom possible: Its german arises as much from its usageas well as from the way it is expressed.

Son of a bitch is a good example of this. It should be obvious, then, for no single swearword in any other language barring lucky coincidence can be the translation of all these meanings. Also, son of a bitch can be either used of a person or as a general, impersonal exclamation. I will call them transitive and intransitive meanings foot fetish jerk off So, as we saw, there are plenty of various translations of this.

The best way to go about learning how to curse in a language is not to translate swearwords but to listen bitch how people actually swear in that language. Hundesohn son of a dog is probably the most literal translation. But that is rather dated. Hurensohn son of a whore is bitch crass than SoBand will likely make you see a German, Austrian or Swiss hospital from the inside if you use it.

This list is far from comprehensive. Variations of this German word [literally, sh-- crap, damn, bloody Br. It is important to know that the German and English german of the s-word are not always equal.

Its use in German is frequently closer to English "Damn! For it sometimes isn't as for a curse word as English "Sh--! This prefix, like its cousin above, often should be translated as " damned " thingor something more mild than you might think. While we don't include inappropriate gestures in this glossary, you should know that some hand signs or gestures are universal, but luxery sex are not.

In some parts of the world, the American OK sign finger and thumb forming an "O" is an insult having to do with a body orifice.

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Many of the terms in this glossary relate to human sexuality. Some of them have a double meaning that you should be aware of. If you refer to an animal's tail in German for Schwanzthat's OK, but you should also know bitch the same term is a crude way of referring to the male sex organ. But if you want to enjoy a good German german novel, you'll find some of that vocabulary here as well. Das ist ja geil!

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