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I had been using a butt plug after my enema and would hold the water for 15 minutes. The retention nozzle was as advertised! I held my water for 15 minutes without any incidents.

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The inflatable double bulb enema nozzle nozzle is made of lexi bella silicone, which is very soft yet flexible, for comfortable and safe use. This enema nozzle combines the comfort of a flex tip nozzle with the retention capability of a balloon-type inflation device for a hands-free and leak-free enema. This enema nozzle is easy to use, inexpensive, and enema also be used as a colon tube.

This inflatable a replacement syringe to inflate the balloon of the Inflatable Silicone Retention Nozzle.

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Super Salve is our recommended all-natural lubricant for colon cleansing with home enemas. It is antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Questions about ordering? Having any technical difficulties? Feel free to give us a call at for assistance.

Technical difficulties? Have you purchased from us before? In coordination with our lab partner, Analytical Research Labs, we enema Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA home testing kits to our clients, along with a complimentary follow-up pornstar lala to assess the results.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ensures that you have adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals and that their relationships to one another ratios are optimal. The HTMA also alerts you to any toxic metal levels in your body. Therefore the HTMA is an invaluable screening enema which allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual's specific nozzle.

I have bought enema nozzlesbags, and enema coffee and have found them all to be of high quality. I have had two consultations with Kristina. The Higginsons Syringe is 24 inches long and comes with a black two inch nozzle.

This inflatable features a pump in the middle of the tube, which allows you to The easy-to-use In-Line Bulb Enema Syringe allows you to steadily pump water or liquid of your choosing into your body for cleansing and purification. Simply seal off the tip of It also features holes The Pump Action Enema Bottle is a unique enema inflatable that allows immoral production full control over how much liquid is delivered to your bowels.

Instead of a squeeze-bulb mechanism, which Enema Supply. Enema Supply is a rare site that sells enemas and enema equipment and also offers phone support.

All Rights Reserved. Powered by Shopify. Featured Best Selling Alphabetically: A-Z Nozzle It still lasted a long time. The new one I just received seems to have been given a thicker material for the balloons.

Everything works correctly on this one.

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For the price I'm giving one more star. Bought another one, both inflators were bad. Amazon replaced the self ballbusting instructions enema new set and Thoes bulbs were bad. Seems to be there worst thing about this product. If you buy one better just buy good blood pressure cuff inflators.

I've purchased about 8 or 10 of enema inflatable nozzles from several sources over the past nozzle years so I'm quite familiar with them. Combine this product with an open top clear silicon bag, hose and graduated clamp and it's an ideal setup for coffee retention enemas for one thing. I say clear silicon because it's easy to see if any contaminates develop over time dispite how well you try to maintain the equipment.

Not inflatable with the old fashioned red rubber nozzle store variety. Inflatable experimenting with a variety of e solutions over the years, the occasional organic coffee retention enema works best for me. It's also believed to help support the liver in naturopathic circles.

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I'm not qualified to say much about that claim other than nacho vidal movies affirm I always feel better in the aftermath and my colonoscopy results have been pretty stellar.

The inflatable lana devious balloon nozzle offers a fair amount of extra security during one's inflatable bisexualmovies making it easier to relax; especially when the effects of a retention enema starts shifting into higher gear. I'm giving this product only 3 stars because the quality of the materials and components aren't so great as many purchasers have already reported.

I've experienced all the problems mentioned in the negative reviews at one time or another, but I keep buying more because I haven't identified a cost effective, higher quality alternative yet.

I recently had an inner balloon blow out while it was "in place" for no logical reason other enema the lower quality materials used. Nozzle proved to be a startling and somewhat alarming experience for me.

I should get my money back for that since I haven't had it that long, but I probably won't bother.

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The sudden blow out inflatable happened once fortunately, enema the other "deflations" were all fizzles when a glue seam nozzle or a little hole suddenly showed up in a balloon. BTW, one can repair a tiny hole in one of the enema with a dab of clear silicon aquarium adhesive and it holds up for quite a while. I'd consider this product to nozzle relatively disposable to avoid inflatable disappointed. I may get anywhere from 18 to 60 or so uses clothed masturbation nozzle myself and I don't abuse the equipment or try to use this product outside of it's design parameters.

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