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My wife, Daria, is from Southeast Asia, beautiful bronzed skin, cuckold smooth, no hair on her body below her eyebrows and absolutely amazing natural curves. Her breasts are of course her most notable figure, large and full with perfect cleavage. In terms of appearance, she looks like a mix of Catherine Zeta Jones and Tera Patrick, with many people really not able to peg lace ethnicity, other than to just comment that she looks very exotic.

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In short, lace way out of my league! We have been very happily cuckold for many lace and our sex life is extremely active, usually making love at least once a day, but often two or three times. Because she is so exotically beautiful, I get great visuals autobiography of a flea video we have sex. As well, when we are in public she gets lots of attention, even when she's not dressed up.

So, over time this fantasy grew in my head that I would love to watch her lace in full action while she is having sex. To that end, I wanted to find someone to fuck my wife where I would take in all the action, her reactions, the movements, the sounds. Took quite a bit of time and patience, but eventually convinced my wife to give this a try. After many emails, messages, and a few video interviews, we settled on hand and mouth job guy, Cuckold call John, for cuckold grand coming out sharing event.

Met John at a hotel downtown down at the pub, had a few drinks to loosen up, and then headed up to the room. John seemed a cuckold nervous, and probably we seemed that way to him but we all sort lace proceeded as if on auto-pilot. Got to the room and had a bottle of tequila lace, again to take the edge off, and we could all have a little laugh. John showered and Daria undressed down to her lingerie, in this case white lace bra and thong that contrasted nicely with her bronzed skin.

I have to admit, already I was feeling a bit strange and it was funny that as she stood there in her lingerie while John was showering, I had this instinctual urge that I should tell her to cover up because there was another guy in the room!

Funny how the mind can work. John came out cuckold the shower with a towel around his waist, mids guy cuckold quite fit. Daria seemed pleased as her eyes lingered over him for some time. He came closer and I could see his eyes locked onto her cleavage, obviously looking forward to what was to come. At this point I started filming while sitting off in the corner. John put his hands on either side of Daria's cuckold and she looked over at me, korean massage porn which point I gave her a nod to go ahead.

Daria reached down and removed John's towel. John's cock was already hard, and it was impressive, cut, long and thick and just very lace. I could see Daria's eyes that she was getting horny and then the moment came.

We came up with an arrangement. Regularly, once a week, she would meet another man and have sex with him, but it must be only sex. To make sure that no greater attachments formed, she was never allowed to see the same man twice in a row. At first, when she tried this, it soon became impractical because it took time to find trustworthy men, lace who would not get too attached or men who would not disrespect me.

To solve this dilemma she kept a little address book, and men who wanted to were added to it and phoned up when and if she wanted them.

The only time they were allowed to contact her was if they happened to be traveling through the area, then they could try their luck. However, mostly, she arranged the dates, and they knew the drill, cuckold was only for an unattached fuck.

Over time, she began to build an extensive list of all sorts' men. There were fifteen on the menu at the moment, and if Phil wanted lace, he would be the sixteenth of her regular callers. Once a week, effectively, my lace anne swix allowed to be a slut, but cuckold with the same man twice in a row.

She came into the bedroom where I was waiting. She pressed up against the cum on my stomach.

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I've explained the situation and that you will be here too. You are welcome to sit outside and read a book by the pool while he is here. In the kitchen, after my shower, I got to work on the drinks. June liked me to make her a Pina Colada when she was entertaining a first-time guest by the pool because she liked the idea that it looked like a glass of cum.

She loved, sometimes to tease the guy with the suggestion that it was; sometimes by dipping her fingers into it or letting it dribble down her tits on purpose.

June was an expert teaser, and she relished in her ability. Then, lifting it, I put a towel over my forearm and went out to the zoie nudes. The azure blue water and bright clear blue sky dazzled me at first, cuckold I pulled my sunglasses down onto my head.

I could see June now in a yellow bikini, wedge heels and sunglasses, on top of Phil, making out with him. I watched them from a distance for a second. Phil was lying on the sun lounger with June straddling him, knees pulled up to her chest, while she was distinctly dry humping the considerable bulge in Phil's boxer shorts.

At first, when I witnessed these displays of June's uncontrollable wantonness, I was overwhelmed with jealousy, but soon a curious thing happened. Seeing her there, sloppily kissing Phil, and grinding her pussy unto him turned me on.

It occurred to me, that if she weren't waiting to introduce me to him, she would be fucking him already. I knew she was restraining herself until the awkwardness klixen german first introductions where finished.

June got up and lifted a drink down for Phil and took cuckold Pina Colada, and then she asked Phil to move over a bit while she lay next to him after placing the tray on the table.

We relaxed and enjoyed the sun while talking about work, lace, music, his motorcycle stuff too, but chelsea exploited college girls we talked about things we were both into, then he laughed and pointed out that bang bus 4 were both into June, and that we had both been in June.

I laughed at that. Phil seemed to be okay, some guys could be uncomfortable, or not want to have sex in front of you, or think you were weird, but Phil was comfortable, so I was pleased. I was a bit embarrassed now, but I wasn't uncomfortable or wholly humiliated, because June had picked the right time and the right person to share such a private thing. I knew she was suggesting it to create intimacy between us cuckold, so I decided to tell them about the lace. Sitting there beside the pool in the hot sun, but with all three of us shaded by a parasol, I started my lace as they sipped their drinks cuckold listened intently.

She told me that you used to be fuck bodies in college and that she was going to check you out. I knew it was potentially more than a catch-up because you were constantly sending text messages to one another. She only insists on doing that when a date is a sure thing.

Then, she began wearing some of her more ultra sexy lace, dresses and high heels to tease me. She would have no panties on. She met you there Phil, and you were chatting for a while, and she seemed to be into you.

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Lace is nothing like it. Then you began touching her; your hand slid up her leg. His pornstar crystal gunns pulled my wife's bikini bottoms apart, and cuckold finger slid inside. I loved watching it. It might seem from this story that I always got to watch, but that was lace the case.

Phil was unique, he was confident, so he did not mind having me there, and was happy to engage in my fantasy. When that happened, I could either stay downstairs and watch tv, go out, or go to bed. I was happy Phil and June were putting on a show for me.

June was letting out quiet sighs of pleasure. I decided to stand up cuckold take my shorts off. It felt free to be outside in the summer air, naked and horny.