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You are a very smart man so please replay my account manishkantbharti gmail. Chen Shu is very different… She is very prettyvery elegant….

Zhao Wei will always be 1. She is very talented and love her big, gorgeous eyes.

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Wei Wei is gorgeous and hot. The N0 1 is the beautiful gorgeous talented Zhang Ziyi. Where is Gong Li? She is also a gorgeous and talented actress.

I also love Fan Bingbing and Karena Lam. The others also are very hot and beautiful!!

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O — o We have very different tastes I think Dilraba Dilmurat is the most beautiful. Nude I think Actress Wong has ugly ass eyebrows that make me wanna puke. No,Chinese actresses always think highly of protecting their skins,they are rich and able to buy expensive and good skin care products. There are too many beautiful and talented Chinese actresses.

No two people will have the same top 20, there is just so many. I was in love with Gigi Lai when I was growing up and she chinese looks incredible. And also Karena Lam and Zhang Ziyi are up there on my list. I agree with Crystal at 1, maybe one of the prettiest women in the world.

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Bhosdee ke pehle apni English to theek kar saley matlabh hee kuchh aour nikall raha hai. Agar apna nam aour pata batana hai to saley Bangladesh bataa. I liked the way Chen Shu smiles,she is very tasty,and the sunnyleonecom Beti Sun Li eyes looking so smart actress fruetfull, and the buetiful leeps,eyelashes,and sweety looking of fan Bing Bing.

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