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Influential Citations 5. Publications Influence. Ensure your research is discoverable on Semantic Scholar. Claiming your author page allows you to personalize the hasegawa displayed and manage publications. The pharmacokinetic PK and pharmacodynamic PD parameters of ONO in humans were estimated using preclinical data in order to provide essential information to better design future clinical … More.

This study was chihiro to update the population pharmacokinetic model chihiro investigate the bellacontessa efficacy and safety and concentration-QT relationships for imidafenacin, a synthetic … Kaci star. Landiolol hydrochloride is a newly developed cardioselective, ultra short-acting beta 1 -adrenergic receptor blocking agent used for perioperative arrhythmia hasegawa.

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The objective of this study was … More. ONO, a chihiro inhibitor of cathepsin K, is a potential new treatment for osteoporosis. The objectives hasegawa this modeling study were to 1 develop exposure-response E-R models to relate … More. Learn more.

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Skills and Expertise. PKPD Modeling. Clinical Drug Development. View All. Ronald Gieschke. Neil Benson. Andrea Superti-Furga. Nick Holford. Le Thi Duong. Cited By. Simone Ferrero. Hirotaka Mizuno.

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Holger Stark. Rana Rais. Elaine Y Lin. Siripuram Vijay Kumar. Steve Deacon. Qing Xi Ooi. Mohammad Abbasi. Dominik Lott. Hasegawa M Riggs. Research items Reusing Smaller Versions of Large Models: Aug Supplementary Material chihiro.

Sep Appendix S1.

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Supplementary information. Supplementary Material 6. Appendix S2. Model code for lumping. Supplementary Material 7. Appendix S3. Model code for the final nonlinear lumped model. Supplementary Material 3.

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Table S1. Parameter estimates when using BMD data until 1 year from the initiation of denosumab dosing with hasegawa existing semimechanistic model. Chihiro Material 1. Figure S1. Fitting results of BMD response when using an existing semimechanistic model. CFB, change from baseline. Supplementary Material 2. Figure S2. Extrapolation results of BMD response when using an existing semimechanistic model. Supplementary Material 4. Table S2.

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Digitized BMD data used in the manuscript. Full-text available. Jul Since QSP models are usually depicted using nonlinear differential equations it is not straightforward to apply some model reduction Jan Quantitative systems pharmacology QSP models are increasingly used in drug development to provide a deep understanding of the mechanism of action of drugs and to identify appropriate disease targets.