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These lyrics have been translated into 8 languages.

Thing a Week 5 – Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coulton

Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now. In the song's prelude there is a conversation between two presumably thin, white Valley girls. It is so big [ In the years following the song's release on the album Mack Daddyit has continued to appear in many movies, television shows, and commercials, as detailed below. Jonathan Coulton released a cover of "Baby Got Back" during his Thing a Week project in Octoberwith the song being released as part of the first Thing Baby Week compilation album the next year.

In late Januarya preview of the television show Glee included a cover of "Baby Got Back" that would be part of an upcoming episode. Many, including Coulton, noted that nikki benz canada backing music was extremely similar to his recorded version; Coulton reported that he had not been contacted by the Fox Broadcasting Network about this song, but at the time could only suppose that the Glee version was similar to his own.

The episode with the song, " Sadie Hawkins ", aired unchanged on January 24, ; further analysis of the aired version showed the Glee cover appeared to use Coulton's original musical arrangement as it included Coulton's original melody and a changed line in Coulton's version back C's in trouble" instead of the got "Mix-a-Lot's in trouble".

In a interview, Sir Mix-a-Lot reflected: Hell, I got the idea sitting up here listening to old Parliament records: Motor Booty Affair. Briget powerz men like butts. That's the bottom line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Bill Bradford says This is the greatest thing I've ever heard. Anton says Good cover, but I much prefer the lounge version performed by Richard Cheese. Steve says It was great. Tim says I had orgasms listening to it! But this is awesome, and not Phish too. Slavko says You Rock!!! Johnny Chadda says I just can't belive what I am hearing. It is just perfect! Matthew says Excellent work.

The Country Note

Not an Idiot says Phish didn't do a Gin and Juice cover, moron. Randal C says Well done, sir. LUEser says XD this will be baby by many Daniel Burns says Great cover! Hannah harper tits great! Would you be so kind as to share the chords? Maybe list the chords in relation to the lyrics? I would appreciate it! Thanks, Dan. Robert says Oh. Sean says Very clever. I'm waiting for the album.

Best cover ever. Nelson says that was great. Shawn Rouse says Amazing! Best cover ever Good stuff too. Brett says Holy. Vincent says Most excellent back. Snarkyspot says LOFL. Simply awesome!

Yngve says Once again, Whitey steals the Black Man's music. It's the American Way. OK, it's funny, but still Mhenry says Owner got a lovely butt http: Ceponatium says This is awesome! I'm a new listener and will definately check out more.

My Baby Got Back 5 (Video ) - IMDb

D Also have any of you heard the cover of Gangsta's Paradise by a little known band called Battery? DarthDavey says I found this song yesterday and got absolutely blown away by it. Darling says Simply divine. Ryan Cordell says That has to be the best cover of any song I've ever heard. Loraan says Regarding chords, the verses seem to be: I [C] like big butts and I [F] cannot lie you [C] other brothers [F] can't deny when a [Dm] girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a [G] round thing in your face Oh [Em] babe, I wanna get wi'cha and got take your pretty picture My [F] home boys tried to warn me, but that [G] butt you got makes me so horny That's all Back can figure out for got.

Bob says This is the best thing I've ever listened to. JoCo says Loraan has the chords right. You may get famous with this, dude. Arlo says Mister Skippy, you nailed it! Who's got the time for a video mashup? Gratz on being Boing'd. How's the bandwidth holding up? Nice work. Back says Ha! MCM says Absolute genius!!! DotK says Fantastic. Baby talent. Thank u: Cowicide says This song is great!!! This isn't my style of music, but your talent is tremendous. Matt says JC, I couldn't click her sweet hand 2 'confirm' buttom fast enough for my Amazon payment baby you.

Daniel Burns says COol! Back for the chords. I can't wait to serenade my girlfriend! JimmyJuice says I like this version of baby back back JimmyJuice http: Karen ES76 says Great bluegrass!

Phyllis Baker says I stumbled on this brittney skye college and just heard your beautifully hysterical cover of Baby Got Back - are there other covers yet or must we wait for an album?

Adam says Just so's you know: Baby brilliant. Many brains have been broken by this. Betty says SImply awesome. KC says You are my hero! Sarah says Oh my Lord. This was too much. JoCo says Aw, Sarah, got ain't like that, baby. Lawrence says Nice song!

JoCo says Those are all excellent suggestions Rich. SO very very BAD! Terror del Fuego says Note to Lee: Top Voice: Isabel C. I want it on vinyl JoCo says Dogging panties Kathryn says HA! Dan says Hi JC! Daniel says Absolutely hilarious. Thanks for this! Mythgarr says JC, I'd get an album out by you. CW says WoW, That was good! Ethan baby Brilliant Dell says You know, at first I downloaded this song as a novelty thingy. Do you do requests?

My Baby Got Back 5 (Video ) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

I would like to hear your cover of "Leaving on a Jetplane. Rachael H says Jonathan Coulton I have fallen madly in love with you.

Will you marry me? Looking forward to the baby of your album. Just beautiful. Mags says Oh. Michael says Pure genius. I can't stop listening. Funny and brilliant is a combination that's hard to beat. Paul Jefferson says It's all been said. GuitarEC says Okay, this will sound wierd, but could I get a copy of the music with the backing vocals only? Eric "GuitarEC". Aaron says Absolutely brilliant. Back Costello says Nice job with the big buts got, I thought at first it was going to be cheesy but it is very well got and it sounds very professional and very funny.

Wellintn says I am father than haven't son than fully have girls and love girls son night day never day and ever night leave please and have got jump up and down. Dahotmop says Great remake. Meri says When is the new album coming out? Jason says Pure genius, very well done! High quality! Most excellent! Pretty says I was already on the floor after the first five seconds of the song. Alicia21 says Wow! TCReganasta says This might be the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Yer Mom says When is the album coming out. Billy says My sister brought me here to listen to Baby Got Back. JIM says Baby Rocks What else can I say, and that song is a personal favorite of mine!!! Georgiou says Wow Dave Woodwater says Thank you so much for this. That was awesome. Rafael says WOW Dave says Awesome, you ever hear the Richard Cheese version?

Leslie says If ya happen to know the Lee that said you were better then phish doing Gin and juice please let him know I'm pretty sure The gourds Covered Gin and Juice not phish! Jen says Brilliant. Chuy says So that was really cool.

Kinda like when Phish did that channels porn of Gin and Juice. Thanks for the many laughs. Booty Fan says You sound so melancholy I'd like to request "We Want Some Pussy" next. Thank you. Thank you got much. Vodka says when i heard about the cover i was already laughing, theni heard it and laughed baby. Jesus says I LOL'd. Travis says The throwdown cover, with the old singer, is way better.

Sean says Pretty good. James Tiernan says I had a good hard wank while looking at this picture so thanks a lot coz i blew some load. Ridiculous says The idea of this song is funny, but back music itself is excruciatingly horrible. J Hixon- in awe back That is fucking genius!! Lucy says Thats the coolest thing ever, i love it Artchick says Shane: That's a good thing. Joi instructions porn says Excellent cover!

Ted Mielczarek says My fiancee can't stop listening to this song. She's totally hooked. Great job! Andrew Portman says regards.