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word choice - Using 伯母 / 叔母 to refer to one's aunt - Japanese Language Stack Exchange

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Viewed 2k times. Troyen 1, 6 6 gold badges 23 23 silver aunt 45 45 bronze badges. Pacerier Pacerier 6, 2 2 gold badges 30 30 silver badges bronze badges. Who said that? Tsuyoshi uh it's just a guess on my part. Questioner Questioner EDICT seems to contradict your first sentence.

Japanese is not always right, being a community driven dictionary.


I don't see anything to condradict my japanese in a Japanese dictionary like this one: Fair enough. Do you consider the KLD authoritative enough? Here are some of the most important Japanese vocabulary words to describe your family aunt.

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Take note of how the Japanese language really reflects the importance of family, hierarchy, and respect in the infographic below. Pay attention to which Japanese vocabulary word you use in which circumstance.

We told you talking about family in Japanese was more complex than in English!

Japanese Vocabulary: 18 Words to Describe Your Family – TakeLessons Blog

It simply means that the vowel sound takes longer to say. The difference between the respectful and familiar forms of older japanese are similar to the differences between the respectful and familiar forms of older brother. Aunt you have older siblings, you may want to show respect when you address them.

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How do you say "boss" in Japanese? In Japanese, what does "mada" mean? Updated Sep 10, Is there a simple privacy law that actually makes sense? Answered Oct 14, Continue Reading. View more. Related Questions What does "kotoba" mean in Japanese?

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What does the Japanese word "sukebe" mean? What does "koishii" mean in Japanese? How do you say uncle in Japanese?

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What does "kimi" mean in Japanese?