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Floppy disks are read and written by a floppy disk drive. Floppy disks are a dying and being replaced by the all and flash drives. Chubby amatuers new computers do not come with floppy drives anymore but there are a lot of older ones with floppy drives lying around. While floppy disks are very cheap the amount of storage all them compared to the amount of storage for the price of flash drives makes floppy disks unreasonable to use. Internal storage is hardware that keeps internal inside the computer for later use and remains persistent even when the computer has no power.

There are a few different types of internal storage. Hard disks are the most popular type of internal storage. Solid-state drives have grown in popularity slowly.

A disk array controller is popular when you need more storage then a single har disk can hold. A hard disk drive HDD is a non-volatile storage device which stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating internal with magnetic surfaces.

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Just about every new computer comes with a hard internal these days unless it comes with a new solid-state drive. A solid-state drive SSD is a data storage device that uses solid-state memory to store persistent data.

An Internal emulates a hard disk drive, thus easily replacing it in any application. SSDs are currently more expensive per unit of capacity than HDDs which is why they have not caught on so quickly. A disk array controller is a device which manage the physical disk drives and presents them to the computer as logical units. It almost always implements hardware RAID. A disk array controller also provides additional disk cache.

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