Ferrari Debuts New Lap-Time Watch


Finally, a Ferrari I can afford, more or less. In case you hadn’t noticed (although I did) Ferrari has been producing a TON of gear over the past however-long. They even have Ferrari stores where you can not only buy the usual car-maker stuff like t-shirts and whatnot, but also stuff like desk sets and bathrobes and even parts and bits and bobs off of old race cars. This being Ferrari, the stuff is amazingly expensive (think $80 polo shirts) but not all of it is too far out of line – I mean, after all, this is a pretty nice watch.

Really, I’ve got nothing against Ferrari, or any other carmaker, doing stuff like this. I know that when I finally get a Lotus 7, I’ll be getting the fleece pullover with the nifty “7” logo on it. It’s both stylish and practical for a car that doesn’t have a heater. If Bentley or Aston or whichever carmaker wants to have a line of stuff out there so the faithful can have a really nifty looking pen and pencil set, then so be it.

I suppose the same thing applies for Ferrari related stuff. I don’t see it as diluting the brand (if they were to start building four-doors, THAT would be diluting the brand), and if the far-too-rich want to drop $100 on baby doll tees for their “girlfriends” then it’s their money.

This watch though, does seem to have more practicality to it than stuff like baby doll tees. Actual details are scant, but it would appear to have basic timing functions, and the design is quite nice and it appears to be ruggedized and has that nifty looking rubber strap.

Personally, I don’t like watches that are too frilly or delicate. I’m pretty hard on whatever watches I’ve ever owned, so I tend not to stray too far from the practical, nor do I tend to spend a lot of money on a time piece. This Ferrari watch, for example, will be in Ferrari stores worldwide by the end of August and priced at €295 or around $420 US at current exchange rates.

$400+ is too expensive for me, not because I think that’s too much to ask for a watch but it’s too much to spend on something I’ll accidentally smash against a countertop or a vise or some such.

But, if you’re easier on watches than I am, and also have a penchant for Ferrari stuff, you might want to swing by the local Ferrari store in about a month to check this one out.


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