Cobra N+ Nissan 370Z

Cobra N+ Nissan 370Z

German tuning company Cobra has created a range of aftermarket products for the Nissan 370Z and rolled them up into their Cobra N+ 370Z sport concept to showcase the parts.

They started with aerodynamic improvements made from fake carbon fiber, which would include a front spoiler and rear diffuser. They added on lightweight 19-inch alloys, lowered the car a bit, and gave it a sport suspension for better handling. Along with a few other minor improvements and aesthetic changes, they added sport mufflers whose sound can be changed with a remote. Ok, that’s pretty cool…

Cobra N+ Nissan 370Z rear

So it doesn’t look bad; I like the front and rear accents, but they couldn’t have even used real carbon fiber? The suspension upgrade is good, and the new wheels look great on the 370Z.

I feel like they could have done more. The mufflers are a good idea, but they should have done the whole exhaust so they could at least tout a power upgrade. I’m not sure the stuff they did with the car is worth a tuned “concept” though. Maybe if they did a brake upgrade, tuned the ecu, maybe a new intake. And for the love of God, use real carbon fiber next time.

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